Our creativity and ideas are endless

Based on market needs and the desire to do everything that is distinctive, new and practical, we are here for you to do this with all love and passion. We take care of our clients' requests and always join them to our world.

Branding your project

We can provide you with a branding service by designing your project with a brilliant idea and different than the others. Writing a story by sitting with you making a brainstorming ending with a full, satisfied result. Branding is a more sophisticated form of marketing communication. The purpose of branding a project is to associate an emotion or a feeling with your project. This is exactly what marketing people try to do when they brand product.

We are distinguished than the others

Our services are different; we provide a high professional detail drawing with full information, also we deliver it with colors from materials board to the last page in the detailed book. Contact us to check our professional details drawing and get an appointment to set with us, or we can send you a sample.

Ultra high definition Screenshots and Videos

By using the most popular programs in modeling and rendering field Sketchup 2017 & Lumion Pro 7.3. We can provide a high definition screenshot up to 7680x4320p picture size plus videos with output up to Max 2560 x 1440p with video frame rates 25/30/60/200. 61 Of the top 100 architect companies in the world are customers of Lumion, and we are one of them. Check for more by calling us now, also watch our new YouTube channel Hajji Interior Design.

Experience and professionalism

Visit our office now and get an immediate consultation in the interior design for your project. We provide some of the consultation services by phone or by visiting us. Our team has over ten years experience. Want to start your business, please consult us.

Meet Hussain Hajji

Hussain Hajji Architect offers exacting attention to detail coupled with a deep understanding of client tastes and requirements. Passionate about design, we are a high-end interior architect company who deliver innovative designs for the modern eye. With a focus on industrial, rustic and modern design, our on-trend designs are aesthetically pleasing and unique.


VTo be a leader in both the local and global market through our ability to deliver intricately designed commercial and hospitality spaces that don’t compromise functionality and bring our clients imagination to life.


MProvide our clients with progressive, innovative and functional designs that deliver on their requirements while being unique, resulting in the strengthening of our footing in the market to international levels.

Hussain Hajji Architect


Abu Abd Al Aziz, no one in the middle east compared to your fantastic ideas of designing commercial projects only in Dubai! In the future when will attempted to open new branches we will let you handle it for good.Shawarma Company
Shawarma Company
We had great moments with you; you give us a brilliant idea for our project, Brava Resturant is one of a kind now in the area. Also, we would like to put your signature and your picture inside our project.Brava Resturants
Brava Resturants
At first, I was afraid when you said: I don’t know what the possibilities of making a unique idea inside a small place like this! Then I was shocked when I saw the project come to the surface with the shiny rendered pictures about our lovely project.“ Butcher Shop.“ Thank you, Hussain, Really Thank you.Zad Al Tazeej
Zad Al Tazeej
Never come to the mind, that’s every project is too different than the other, industrial design was the right choice with the idea behind it. Abu Abd Al Aziz with this talent you should be famous, and you have the right to put your picture or signature inside any project you’ve doneFule

Hussain Hajji Architect offers exacting attention to detail coupled with a deep understanding of client tastes and requirements.

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