Our consultation services give you the opportunity to meet professional, highly-skilled designers who can advise you, without the commitment of embarking on an entire project with us.

Design Specification Consultation

If you have an eye for style and design, perhaps you already have something in mind but would like input from a professional designer before going ahead, then Hussein Hajji Architect can help. With a consultation service that gives you the opportunity to share your vision with us, we can ensure that your design will work in your space and advise on alternatives to help you develop something truly breath-taking.

Project Implementation Consultation

Once we have completed the design process with you, it will be time for project execution. We can advise you on how best to install the design to your space in collaboration with our valued partner M Designs.

Purchasing Consultation

After design completion, you will be excited to start implementing it into your space. All the design elements will be categorised by our team, leaving you a step by step guide for every material and part you will need to bring your space to life. Sourcing cost effective materials can be a challenge and the talented personnel at Hussain Hajji Architect can advise you on the best way to obtain quotations that don’t break the bank.

Full Design

From our first meeting to project completion, this service includes everything you could possibly need to bring your space to life in a dynamic, fresh, unique way. During our initial meeting, we will discuss your requirements for the project and establish how the space is utilised to align your vision with ours. At this stage, you will be provided with a quotation for the work, which once approved will see us take the helm of the design process.

Now the exciting part begins, you will be invited to a presentation that showcases a variety of ideas and styles along with the initial space plan. Once you have decided on the direction you would like to go, our talented team produce a 3D model that represents the colour, theme, materials and aesthetics, as well as the natural and artificial light that encompasses your space.

At this stage, any modifications can be made to the design before a rendering of the entire project is made. This will give you a realistic view of the interior space and bring it to life, giving you an accurate depiction of what it will look like once completed and implemented. Once approved, you will receive a detailed drawing to accompany the rendering.

To support project execution, every customer is given a book containing 45-60 pages of intricate details on everything that has been discussed. This includes, the walls, fabricated furniture, lighting, colours, materials and more.

Project lifelines on average tend to be around one to two months with six to eight meetings throughout, although this varies slightly by client as everyone is given a bespoke, unique design that compliments the functionality of a space.